dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

little valentine. {a special date}

God gave you a precious daddy.
tonight he took you on a VERY special date.
a daddy + daughter valentine dance at church.

you & i went shopping for the perfect outfit
and oh my goodness it was so cute.
you are very very opinionated about what you want.
i showed you so many options and there was
no question about what you had in mind.
even down to the pink sparkly shoes.
you pick your outfits every day but
this was the first time you've picked your outfit
from a store. it was pretty cute. :)

so, tonight we got you all ready.
hair curled.
outfit on.
and you were in a very grumpy mood.
you asked me if i would pray and ask God
to make your heart happy. :)
so i did.
(you were tired &
you realllllly wanted to wear your hunting boots)

you decided you wanted your hair
"like ana and elsa when they were kids"
so we braided it and added some sparkly bows. :)

then daddy came out looking so so handsome
in his black suit and gave you a
beautiful corsage that he ordered all by himself.
and you gave him a boutonnière.
you LOVED it (but you really thought you should
have one for each wrist ;)).

after y'all left, daddy sent a video
and you were SO happy and excited.
i got several pictures and videos
throughout the night and
i really felt like my heart might burst.
just can't say how happy i am
that your daddy loves you so much.

when it was over,
you came RUNNING in the door
telling me all of your adventures!

you said "IM SO HAPPY NOW!!
ahh! precious.

you are blessed to have this man as your daddy
and he is SO blessed to have you as his little girl.
happy valentines day. :)

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