dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, February 10, 2014

maternity must haves.

number one.
piko tunic.
can't stress enough how much i wear these.
(every day)
they're basic & perfect for layering,
they cover the booty.
the end.

number two.
maternity leggings.
i know. ugh.
i do feel like they are way too bunchy
on the legs but oh well.
still essential.

number three.
this tank top.
mine is white & on the off chance
i'm not wearing a piko
(because i dropped my pizza on it & it's dirty)
i'm wearing this.
obviously not alone.
because it's one degree outside.
but under a regular non maternity shirt.

number four.
boyfriend jeans.
not maternity.
just a hair rubberband that's stretched to it's limit.
i'm usually all about maternity jeans but
i'm carrying him low and they are
so stinking uncomfortable.
i've tried the cheap brands and designer brands
and they just aren't happening.
so these jeans are it for me.

a couple examples of how i layer.

and a confession.
i wear these slippers in public.

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