dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

{28 weeks}

third trimester!
if he came now, he'd have a 95% chance of survival.
that makes a momma feel good!
at our appointment this week
(we go weekly now),
he measured about a week ahead
and has a "juicy" aka chunky tummy. :)
pretty sure it's impossible not to smile at that.

i had a couple of shots at this past appointment
(rh negative & t-dap)
and my weekly shots from w are going great.
they don't hurt at all but
he does enjoy giving them to me entirely too much! ha!
(& don't worry y'all, he youtubes how to do it every time.
comforting right?) ;)

we still don't really have any idea
when he'll be here. with willow i started having
pre-term labor at about 30 weeks
(went in 3 times to have it stopped)
& then delivered at 36 weeks.
my goal is to make it to 37 weeks but we shall see! :)

you know what friends?
God is faithful.
no matter what the outcome.
He's just been so so gracious to us
by allowing us to have these weeks
with our precious boy.
firmly believe he's so active as an extra gift
so that w & willow can experience it with me.
the kicks & the movements are huge
and he's awake all day. :)
you know what else?
the devil HATES that we are bathing in God's goodness.
fiery arrows coming from every direction.
a dear friend and i (& our girls) are memorizing
ephesians 6:10-18 & "suiting up"
daily with the armor of our mighty God.

satan wants me so badly to believe that
we won't get to hold this warm baby.
that eventually one of our sonograms will be silent.
but HE tells me differently.
i've gotten to hold this warm baby for 28 weeks now.
He is faithful.
the sonograms have been anything but silent.
He is good.
He is enough.

keep cookin baby sutton!
see you soon :)


  1. Praying 37 every single day. I love every word of this.

  2. Praying 37 every single day. Love every word of this.


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