dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, May 4, 2014

hospital essentials.

i looked at about 376 different 
hospital packing lists and 
this is what we ended up bringing. 

we packed in a large suitcase
because we wanted extra space
to put all the things they send 
you home with. 
and i would rather one bigger bag 
than several smaller ones. 
(i hate clutter)

for momma//
> 2 pairs of pajama pants
>1 pair of maternity cropped yoga pants
>2 piko tops (great for nursing)
>1 tank
>1 kimono (i wore the same outfit home that i wore there since i immediately changed into a gown when i got there)
>i bought undies specifically for after birth since i don't typically wear that style but still wanted them to be pretty. 
>flip flops 
>toiletries (didn't bring makeup)
>curling iron
>extra ponytail holder

for daddy//
>shorts/tshirts/pajama pants and 
a warm zip up jacket
>regular shoes & flip flops

for baby//
>one outfit for at the hospital and one for going home
>muslin blanket since it was warm out

for willow//
>a "fun bag" for when she visited. 
(melissa & doug sticker books, 
a stamp set, etc.)
>special snacks

others items//
>snacks (i knew i'd be on a restricted diet after surgery, so i brought sugar free pudding cups, luna bars, several "go picnic" boxes with crackers & peanut butter)
>drinks and a cooler bag (much cheaper than the hospital canned drinks!)
>nurse happies. 
>down comforter for daddy 
>pillows with dark grey pillowcases so that they didn't get left behind 

>a candle warmer with a small candle.
you guys, i hate the smell of hospitals. who doesn't. you obviously can't have open flames in a hospital, but candle warmers are fine. i got my favorite scent from anthro and had it on the whole time. the room smelled SO GOOD and everyone that came in commented on it. if you know anyone having a baby, this should be your gift to them. ;)

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  1. This is a great list! I love the candle warmer idea. I'm going to remember that! xoxo


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