dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

sutton smith one month.

you're one month old 
mister sutton smith. 
it's been a rainy month too!
rained and flooded the day 
you were born and we spent 
a scary night 
"camping" in the closet 
when tornados covered mississippi! 

i wrote our names & phone numbers 
on us just in case. 
big sis was a little nervous so 
we made a pretend camp fire, 
had a lantern, camping snacks and 
read stories until it passed. :)

we've spent lots of time outside 

going on picnics & fishing with daddy. 
(i dropped pizza on your head on
this occasion. sorry little man.)

this is my view most days. 
makes cleaning much more fun
and cute. :)

we went to the zoo on a cooler day
and you slept the whole time.
even waited til we got home 
to get hungry!

you LOVE your baths. 

totally relaxed the whole time. 

you're changing every day
and we're not sure who you look like. 
at your two week checkup
you weighed 6.15 & had grown 
half an inch. 
thank goodness for borrowed clothes from your buddies solomon & sumner (that's a lot of s names!)
because momma had no newborn
outfits for you!
you're growing out of them now 
& fitting into 0-3 months. 
makes me proud that you're being
well fed. :)
wearing newborn diapers but i think
we'll move you up to size one soon. 
you're filling out & getting chubby cheeks. :)

your big sis ADORES you. 

trying to take a one month pic
and she's kissing you or patting you in 
almost all of them. 
she just can't help it. :)

we love you SO MUCH little boy. 
best & most full month of our lives. 


whacha think?