dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, May 29, 2014


> a little picnic at the zoo
> love everything about this picture. especially your little toes, willow :)
> my precious mornings. feeding this little boy while willow plays at my feet. 
> snow cone at the canton flea market
> the only song that calms sutton down 
> sweet surprise when finley was at chickfila!

> we loved going to all of the fun thursdays at the caboose! this is after you told me you were big enough to stand in line by yourself. *insert sobbing*
> picking flowers before your date with nana & poppy
> you love to take pictures with our "queen smiles". hilarious!
> we've been playing at the park a lot. daddy plays with you while i walk with sutton & then we switch. 
> fun birthday party for your buddy solomon. this was before you jumped in without your floaties & daddy had to save you!
> awesome face painting at the farmers market!

> cooling off with sweet josie blu. 
> brushing faye the llama. 
> getting a "haircut" from meggie before mommas turn. 
> this double stroller is finally FULL. thank you Jesus!
> such a big helper
> you can't get enough of your brother. ALWAYS close to him. loved you wearing daddy's tshirt to sleep in. :)

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