dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, June 15, 2014

sutton smith two months.

you're two months little cutie pie. 
and you've been held approximately 
a whole bunch during that time. ;)

you've been a sick little boy. 
you and sis had a tummy bug
and you had an 
upper respiratory infection.
you're too little to be sick!
no sleep has been wearing on us
but the extra snuggles make it 
impossible to be too upset. ;)

you've gotten so big!
i was shocked at the doctors office
when you weighed over 
ELEVEN pounds. what??
so proud of you little chunky monkey. 
you're in size one diaper but
quickly graduating to size two. 
0-3 months clothes fit you just right
and you're drinking about 
4 ounces every 2-3 hours.
still no longer stretches at night but
i'm sure being sick didn't help that. 
you're getting a little routine
of naps and awake time during the day. 
at about 5:30/6 you get a bath
(which you LOVE) 
then massage/jammies/eat and 
rocked to sleep. 
i will rock you to sleep for 
as long as you'll let me. 
and then some! ;)

you love your momma. 
you get fussy if someone else 
is holding you but you can hear me. 
and you'll turn your head as far as 
you can to look at me. 
like "hey momma...
do you still see me??". 
i love it so so much!! :)

your sis still ADORES you. 
she loves to rub your hair.
it's pretty cute. 
and she looooves for me to talk to you. 
she is so sweet to you and repeats a lot
of the things that i say to you. 

we had a fun day celebrating daddy
for father's day and he loved
your little footprint. :)
he is SO SO good with you and 
is so good about taking 
"first shift" so momma can get some rest. 
then i get up for the day at about 3-4
because once i'm holding you, 
it's tough to put you down. 
you use every way you have
to communicate that 
you want your momma to hold you!! :)

it's been a full two months. 
no words to describe our thankfulness 
for you and willow being here with us. 
we love you and adore you precious boy. 

oh yeah,
and for everyone that thinks you're the
spitting image of your daddy...

you look an awful lot like 
your momma. ;) 

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  1. I have thought he looked like you since the day he was born!! Even more so now!!! I can't believe it's been two months. That doesn't seen possible!! xo


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