dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, July 11, 2014

some things.

preschool starts next month. 
next. month. 
i can't think even talk about it 
so moving on. 

we had the BEST time 
with the cousins here for two 
(way too short) weeks. 
lots of playing, fishing, eating, 
swimming, popcorn eating and 
late night movie watching. 
in a perfect world, 
all of the families would be neighbors 
and we'd just rotate the kids 
at all of our houses. :)

then this week was 
sports camp at church.
it's for kids who have finished k5 
but if i volunteered, willow could go! 
they did such a good job planning
and organizing and willow had
such a good time. 
kids are loud. and our class was wild. 
glad we did it and glad it's over. :)

so now we will just be 
soaking up every last minute
of the summer!! 

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