dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

sutton smith three months.

alright little boy.
i have so much to say about you.
i ADORE you!!
your little personality is coming out
and you're a lot like your sis.
it's like you KNOW you're funny
and you're already showing your sense of humor.
or maybe it's just because willow is so silly
that i see it in you too. :)
either way, it's impossible not to smile around you.

this has been a month of milestones!
we had sports camp last week & you got to go too.
i was in willows "room" and could see you the whole time
but not being with you was TOUGH.
and it was wayyyyy past your bedtime so
the next nights nana & poppy took care of you
until daddy got home from work. :)

THEN we left you in the nursery
for the first time at church!!!!!!!
yes that deserves that many exclamation points!!!!
you did great of course but daddy & i
were both fighting the tears.
willow made sure that she told your teachers
to take good care of you.
she's very protective of her brother! :)

you've been much healthier this month.
you weigh 12-13 pounds
and are so chunky.
you still have a head full of dark hair.
your eyes are starting to change
to a greenish/brown.
your left eye more than the right.
i'm thinking they'll be hazel like your cousin jonathan's. :)
you wear size 2 diaper and i'm starting to pack up
most of your 0-3 month clothes.
(thanks again solo & sumner!)
you started smiling big time just this past week.
we know how to make you smile
and you seem to be on the verge of laughing.
and you "talk" to us when you're really happy. :)

we've got a good little schedule going on.
you eat 4-5 ounces every 3 hours during the day.
you have your bath at about 5:30,
massage/jammies/bottle and bed at about 6.
we usually do a "dream feed" before we go to bed
and you've been sleeping until between 4-6ish.
you drink a bottle and go back to sleep
until about 9.
and momma is READY for you to wake up!
that's a long time to go without holding you! :)

here you are wearing a shirt that we had gotten for levee. you look oh so handsome in it. :)

you loved your big cousins being here!

you got in the pool for the first time and were so relaxed.

that sister of yours...

mommas boy :)

we love you little boy!!

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