dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

willow kate {four}

my sweet willow. 
you're four today. 
except you're going through some fear
about growing up and just wanting
to stay the same size, 
so we're just celebrating your 
third birthday again. 
i figure there's no reason to be 
anxious on your special day. 

you and i were looking through 
old pics and videos last night
and it's really hard to believe a year 
has passed. 
you're still my little willow
but i also just adore the big girl 
you're becoming. 

so kind.
that's the one thing i feel
like i've just driven into you.
be kind. 
to everyone. 
no matter what. 
and be a friend. 
and you are. 
every where we go,
you ask someone (everyone),
"do you wanna be my friend?"
and just instantly take off and play
like you've known them forever. 
you got that from your daddy 
and i'm so thankful. :)

you are a huge helper. 
you love doing anything i do. 
laundry, cleaning, baking, everything. 
and it's more of a help than a hassle
now too! 
you're such a fun little grocery shopping buddy and you love 
pushing your own little cart. 
when I ask you what your favorite
thing to do is, 
you always say 
"fun projects". 
art, making playdoh, crafts, baking, etc. 

you also LOVE to play outside 
and be in the water. 
you're swimming so good 
and we just realized you can touch 
the bottom of the pool with your head
above water.

your memory is insane.
you remember every single detail
from things that happened YEARS ago. 
names of people, things we did. 
it's scary cool. 

oh, and that little brother of yours?
you ADORE him. 
there hasn't been any jealousy
at all and you just love him 
to pieces. 
he adores you too. 
the biggest smiles go to sister. :)
and levee and meadow?
we have the. sweetest. conversations about them and about heaven. 

you're convinced that you're 
ready to ask Jesus into your heart
and i'm so so thankful that that is
even on your mind. 
we will CELEBRATE with you
when you are ready. 
the biggest reward of being a parent
(at least for us)
is watching our babies fall in love
with Jesus. 

so there you have it little girl. 
you are so loved. 
and i can't wait to spend every day
of the last little bit of summer with you. 
you are truly a JOY. 
we love you so so much. 

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