dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

sutton smith four months.

you've been here for 
four months, precious boy!
you are ADORED. :)

you have the sweetest little
personality & just light up
with the biggest smiles if
someone makes eye contact with you. 
you're talking so much &
mimicking our sounds. 
willow is sure that you're saying
"lolo" & we have no 
intentions of telling her otherwise. :)

you're starting to LAUGH
and it's the sweetest sound!
no really big giggles 
but you're close. :) 

you sleep like a teenager!
your schedule is awesome 
and getting better & better. 
you do bath at 5:30 
(if we wait or if we are out 
somewhere you start getting fussy
at that time)
and then massage, bottle & bed. 
we still do a "dream feed"
before we go to bed 
(usually around 11) & then
you sleep all night. 
sometimes until 7 & 
sometimes much later. 
willow is almost always up before you
& runs to your room when
she hears you. :) 
you usually take two shorter naps 
with a longer one in the middle. 
eating 5 ounces every 3 hours
during the day. 

you wear size 2 diaper 
and 3-6 months clothes. 
not sure how much you weigh 
but your checkup is in 
a couple of weeks. 

we went on a little family getaway 
and i was nervous about you
sleeping but you did AMAZING.
you slept so good and were
so easygoing. 
except in the car.
you just don't love your car seat. 

you've rolled from your tummy 
to your back a few times but i really
don't think it's been on purpose. 
you always look so surprised. ha!

you're starting to "play"
with little toys. 
realizing that you can use
your little arms to reach the 
things you're looking at. 

i think we all feel a little bit
overwhelmed by how much 
we love you, little boy. 
loving every single minute with you. :)

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