dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, August 22, 2014


monday is a BIG day in our home. 
and most of y'all know,
one that i really never planned on. 
it was always my intention 
to homeschool my kids. 
i LOVE willow 
but i also really reall like willow 
and so sending her off to school
was just kinda gut wrenching to me. 
she loves to learn and so teaching
her has been very easy so far. 
but my prayer for her has always
been for her to be a light. 
and she thrives when she's
making new friends. 
she will never leave places we go
without speaking to people and
asking them if they want to be friends.

the other night i said 
"willow, do you wanna know what momma does every night? 
when you're asleep in bed, 
i tiptoe in and lay my hand 
on your back and pray". 
her eyes got really big and intense. 
"i pray that you will be kind 
and be a friend. 
that God will protect your heart 
and your body and that you'll 
be a light for Jesus."
she cried. 
like nostrils flared, ugly cried and 
sat up in bed and hugged me so tight. 
it was such an unexpected reaction
and so so precious to me. 
like she really got it. 

so if it's our desire to be a light
and she does her best being around
other people,
school was just a natural choice. 

w and i visited yesterday and felt
so at HOME. 
(daddy might have even teared up. 
a lot. ;))
these teachers love Jesus and
love these kids. 
and willows teacher is the coolest
friend of mine. 
SO fun/funny/sweet/beautiful 
and loves her job. 
willow went today to look around her
classroom and did not want to leave. 
this makes it so much sweeter for us
and we are all
so excited about this new adventure!! 
i know she has a tribe praying for her
and would just love nothing more
than to have her covered 
head to toe with even more prayers. :) 

{daniel tiger wears a jacket to school so it was very important to her to wear one too :)}

{precious brother. i'll NEVER let this one go to school. ;)}

{precious little girl. she picked this shirt to wear because it says "let's be friends" and her mermaid for "show and tell".}

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