dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, August 30, 2014

cuppycakes. {oh the silliness!}

here we are. 
got a little business going over here.

so unexpected. 
such a blessing. 

been baking with my momma
since i could sit up
(she'd give me a little pie crust
to roll in my high chair)
and I started baking with willow 
in a sling at 3 days old. 
it's just so homey and cozy to me.

feeling stressed? scared? sad? mad?

problem is, 
i didn't want a bunch of cupcakes 
around the house. 
there's a certain man that we have
lovingly named "crumb daddy" 
who just can't turn down these treats. 
i mean, can't blame him. ;)
so i'd give them away. 

and that's how this started. 
and now people wanna PAY me?
thank you, Jesus. 
what a gift as a stay at home momma
to feel like i'm really contributing 
to the money side of things. :) 

so here are the facts:

are they really better than gigis?

how much?
$24 per dozen. few bucks more than the grocery store and wayyyyy less than a bakery. 

how many do i have to order per flavor?
a dozen. i'll be glad to split them into boxes of six though so you can spread the love. 

what flavors?
chocolate, vanilla & pumpkin 

whipped chocolate (tastes like a three musketeers), vanilla bean buttercream, cream cheese, salted caramel, cookies and cream, hot cocoa (triple chocolate), strawberry buttercream  

anything gluten free?
not yet but working on it. 

i don't love sweets. will i like them?
i don't either and i can't. stop. eating them. my favorite comments have been "i hate cupcakes and this was the best thing i've ever put in my mouth!". that's a real quote by the way. 

do you take credit cards?
yup. add a $2 processing fee and you're all set. you'll even get a receipt emailed to you so you can write them off. IF you're really using them for clients. ;)

what if i just want to try them all?
every now and then when i have a lot of large orders, i'll put together sampler boxes and you'll find those on instagram. first come first serve. i also won't sell them over a day old so jump on them if you want them. :) {follow me at @shefacepaints}

for orders email me at

oh. and for a REAL treat?? 
my soul sister lauren
happens to be the BEST 
french macaron baker out there. 
look what we got to do. :)

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  1. YOU TWO ARE GONNA KILL ME!! But I will die with a BIG smile on my face!!


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