dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, September 15, 2014

sutton smith five months.

well, hey there five months!

so many changes this month. 
you have the sweetest, 
most laid back personality. 
you smile SO BIG 
when someone makes eye contact 
with you. :)
sometimes, i realize you've just been 
staring at me waiting for me to look
at you and you give me the 
biggest smile. amazing. 
and you LAUGH. 
the cutest, full body, baby laugh. 
it's the best. 

you're growing so much.
you were 14 pounds at about 
4 1/2 months. 
(you did so good at your checkup 
and were so tough for the shots.)
you wear 3-6 months clothes but pushing it. :)
you're long so a lot of your jammies
are 6-12 months. 
we even had to break out your 
Christmas ones. ha! 

you're wanting to sit up and it'll
probably be pretty soon that you
can do it by yourself. 
you do NOT like to be held like 
a baby. ;)
unless it's when you're being 
rocked to sleep. 

you're drinking 6 ounces 
every 3 hours during the day. 
at night we still do the "dream feed"
before we go to bed and you'll 
sleep anywhere from 5:30-7ish. 
you wake up SO happy and smiley. 

you have brown rice cereal in your
night time bottle
but you're not quite ready for spoon
feeding and i'm not in a hurry either. ;)

we love you so so much 
precious boy. 
more than we could have ever

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