dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

day in the life.

it's been a loooong time since i've done
a "day in the life" post and 
now that we're in the preschool groove,
i thought it'd be a good time. :)

i knew i was doing this so i took
a pic of EVERYTHING. 
by mid afternoon i was sick
of taking pictures but i know it'll be
so fun to look back at them. :)

little man was up at 5:30 all smiles. 
i fed him and then let him
"play" in his bouncy seat while i
checked work emails,
did banking stuff. 

sister woke up about an hour later
and i got her breakfast 
(greek yogurt with chocolate chips)
and she watched a little super why. 

momma needed some spark
and i had a greek yogurt and a kashi bar. 

got to visit with my dad a little bit
who's all the way in colombia
on a mission trip. :)

sutton went down for a nap. 
just pretend you can see him in there. ;)

i unloaded the dishwasher, 

and wiped the kitchen counters down. 
i got a little carried away and started
scrubbing spots off of the floor too. 

w woke up (he was up late working on his invention) so i showered and got 
dressed for the day. 

good morning handsome! 
"why are you taking this so early?" :)

folded some laundry. 
(i wash the sheets from the office)

time to start getting willow ready for school! she's been on a braid kick. 
every day for almost two weeks. 
by the way, this brush is a
game changer for tangles!! 

her letter of the week is "s" so she wanted to bring a picture of 
sutton for show and tell. :)

she "sprained her ankle" last night
and ever since, 
she's had me pushing her around the 
house in her "wheelchair". 

precious girl. 
daddy was going to take her to
school this morning for the first time
and she was super excited! 

off they go! 

started to fold another load of laundry. 

until i heard the door open
and in walked this little girl! 
she cried SO hard 
(change in routine is tough!)
so w brought her home and 
i kept her there. :)

little brother woke up from his nap. 

we got him dressed for the day. 

time to feed him again while sis
is being "baby willow" in his crib. 

more laundry to fold. 

we got a text from our friends about
a story time at the place w's office is in
so we headed out with some snacks
for the road. 

face painting! 

first time in the big boy stroller. 

sitting by her buddy solomon for the story about crocodiles. 

and then a man from the science museum brought a baby croc for them to touch!! 

our office is right above so i texted w to look downstairs. 
he came out just in time to snap pics of willow petting the crocodile. :)

she's grown up here and loves
all of the waterfalls. 

potty break so we ran upstairs!

home away from home. :)

we adore these friends! 

we were gonna just grab lunch and take it home but willow really wanted to
sit at a table and sutton needed to eat anyway. 

headed home with a spit up soaked shirt. 

love this last stretch of road before we get home. 
forces me to slow down and breathe. :)

got sutton in bed for his nap and 
tucked willow in for some
chill time. 

mopped the floor. :/ 

then finally sat to eat!! 

sike! i'm not sleepy momma! 
LOVE this face. :)

so he helped momma fold 
MORE laundry. 

took the kids to my moms so i could run to sams. 
i did it with them last week and 
it was a nightmare!! 
paid a man to load the groceries
even though i'm pretty sure that's his job. 

had dave ramsey on of course!

lots of yummy food! 
never ever take for granted 
that we have healthy food to eat. 

brought the groceries home and 
grabbed a snack.  
(i really wanted a cupcake) 

afternoon pick me up. 
i don't do starbucks. 
i do mcdonalds unsweet tea. 
(extra ice and 4 splendas) :)

picked up a prescription at the pharmacy. 

then got to my babies!!
no place willow would rather be
than at her nana and poppys house. :)

we got home and sutton had a bath 
and bottle. 

of course big sis is right there too! 
(they have on matching jammies)

made a quick supper that she loved!
blue chips, shredded chicken, "broken corn" (that's what she calls corn off the cob, lol!!) and shredded cheese. 
and applesauce and water. yum!

(i sat down to eat too and spilled 
my entire plate on the front of me. 
all of it. )

momma took a quick bath to 
recharge a little. 
(and ya know, get my dinner off of me)
that neck pillow is awesome. 
got it at home goods and i put it
in the freezer while i fill up the tub. 

loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the counters again. 

some snuggle time with my big girl. :)

laid her school clothes out for tomorrow. 

and then climbed into her bed to read
some stories. 
(love how she wraps up in levees blanket)

this made me laugh so hard.
she pushed one of the books 
on the back and thought it would 
become that book. 
too much iPad???

w called and said he was on his way so 
i got his supper ready. 
he's home!!

and the babies are sound asleep. :)

now cozy time with my boyfriend. :)

night night!

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