dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, October 13, 2014

sutton smith six months.

my precious precious boy. 
six months. 
six months of the sweetest gift. 

DREAMED of another little boy
after your big brother went to heaven
and i feel like we just got all 
GOOD when we got you. 

cannot explain what it does to 
your mommas heart 
when you smile at me like you do. 
those sparkling eyes, 
the big gummy half smile. 
it's too much. :)

you have the sweetest personality.
even when you're fussy because
your mouth is so sore from teething,
you smile so BIG when someone
makes eye contact with you. 
you're "talking" so much. 
you make the same noises over and over. 
and you are SURE 
that we understand you. :)

if there's another girl you love as
much as momma, it's your sis.
you STARE at her until she looks at you
and you can't contain your 
excitement when she does. 
she's been playing so good with you
now that your bigger and more interactive. 

you've got the tripod sit nailed
and getting better at controlling it. 
you get up on all fours, 
rock back and forth and then lunge
forward and then again
until you get to your destination.
i purposely lay on the floor away from you because i LOVE to watch 
you work your way over. 
yesterday you finally made it to me
cheek to cheek and 
you just kind of
sighed a big sigh of accomplishment.
it was so cute!!

i LEFT YOU for 2 days with daddy
while willow and i flew to pennsylvania 
to visit our precious grandma radaker. 
you did so good and 
when we got home 
you just stared at me. :)

you're drinking 6 oz every three hours
during the day but i think you're
about ready to be bumped up. 
you've been going to bed at 7
and usually don't wake up 
to eat until the next morning! finally. ;)
i'm not really pushing the solids 
but you loved sweet potato tonight.
i smooshed one up and you and willow
each ate half. 

you get bored quickly because 
you want to be up but 
can't quite do it yourself 
so it's been tricky trying 
to get things done but i know 
this phase will pass quickly. 
you do love your bouncy seat
that hangs from the doorframe 
so i put you in that while 
I'm working in the kitchen. 

we love you and adore you 
SO MUCH precious boy. 

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