dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


oh, whats that?
you want to know some things to buy for the summer?
well, okay...

i think i'm pretty much a professional
when it comes to shopping at forever 21.
i've had lots of years of experience
so i know which materials look cheap,
don't hold up well and scream I CAME FROM A TEENY BOPPER STORE.
(that still a word?)

so here's a few things that i love.
(i tend to go toward the "free people" style
but without the price.)

i loooove this dress.  
the color, the back and the little pom pom details on the hem.

this tank dress is perfect for my lifestyle.
it's roomy and comfy but the cut makes it more fun.
i'd wear a free people "bralette" under it.
(i haaaate wearing layers.)
the ones that look like tanks but they're not.

i like the silky material of this one and the color 
looks great with both tan and more pale skin.

the back of this one is so cool
and i love that the material isn't the typical
cotton like most maxis.
those show way too many flaws
and i avoid wearing them.

this reminds me of a free people tank
that my friend gretchen got me
and i wear it constantly.
i'm wearing it now!
the color is so pretty.

i'm all about a cute one piece.
this is similar to one that i got recently 
from the "tarte" brand (off of hautelook) and i love that 
it's modest but still has fun details.

this is kind of my uniform.
a slouchy tee and cut off denim.

i looooove studs.
i used to wear big/long earrings but with shorter hair
i've turned to studs and never looked back.
my favorites are the straight ones and 
the diamond shape.
and now that i'm a big girl and have DOUBLE piercings,
it's fun to mix and match.

i got these sandles and will for sure
be wearing them alot this summer.
with cutoffs and a tshirt. :)

these are sooooo fun.
they didn't have my size in the store or 
i would've gotten them.
i think the olive color is a nice change
but the tan ones are cute too.
(willow likes the black ones but she likes
everything in black.)

i wore this the other day and i got compliments
from teenagers so i'm just putting that out there. ;)

willow and i are obsessed with these metallic tattoos.
we started with the "flash tat" brand but
have used all kinds. they're so fun!

this is another classic that i have several of.
i just love the look of them.
willow calls them my "soccer play shirts". ;)

hope that gives a few (super inexpensive) ideas!

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