dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, April 20, 2015

sutton smith one year.

sutton smith.
our precious miracle.

one year ago, i was fiercely struggling that we would 
get to hold your warm body.
a warm baby was our prayer.
and you were so so warm.  :)

this year has been so full 
and has left me at many times just speechless at our reality.
our hearts ache so deeply for levee and meadow
to be here with us,
but having you has been such a sweet and gentle
gift of grace over our wounds.

you are so laid back
(when you're being held)
and you took your first steps 
at the park on your first birthday.
you love to stand up by yourself,
you get super proud.  :)

you say (in a whisper) "whasdat" (what's that) and point at everything.
you say momma, dada, duck, ball and 
i know you are saying other words in your own way.
you're a pretty good eater but if you get three bites in,
it's considered a win.
you have to feed yourself for sure.
you don't like strong flavors (opposite of willow)
or weird textures.
you love holding a whole banana or plum and eating it.

you're wearing 12-18 months in clothes and 
size 4 in diapers.
i finally got you some shoes that are size 4 also.
you think they're pretty cool.  :)

we're definitely at the point where it's trickier to eat out 
or grocery shop but we make it work.
i'll usually walk you around until it's time to eat and then
again when everyone else is finishing up.
you're not bad at all, just curious. ;)

you loveee being outside
and you have even been swimming in the FREEZING water
and loved it!!!
we spend lots and lots of time outside every day
either on long walks "into town", at different parks,
or down by the water "fishing". 

at home, you pretty much always want to be held so 
it's tricky getting everything done
but i think we've got a pretty good routine going.
and seriously, it's going by so fast
and i've always said i will hold my kids
as often and as long as they'll let me! :)

tonight, i was rocking you and feeding you and singing to you
and we both started laughing and got the giggles so bad.
i looove putting you to bed knowing you're so happy.
ps, you take a nap in the morning. average of an hour and then
you're ready to crash pretty early around 5:30-6.  
i'm hoping to move that back in the next couple of weeks
so we can do fun summer activities without you feeling yucky tired.

we love you more than you can ever imagine.
lolo dreamed about you last night
and i love that it's as if you've always been a part of us.
she wants you to be a cute little baby forever
but also can't wait to "play tag" with you.  ;)

we're looking forward to this next year with you
and seeing your personality come out even more.
and i really can't wait to hear more of that voice of yours!

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