dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, July 2, 2015


some recent things. :)

•the necessary face painting at livingston farmers market. she chose a giraffe. 
•that night i wasn't feeling good so by herself she made me a plate of crackers, a water with two straws and brought me the ice pack. 
•a picnic lunch at the park. of course sitting on top of the table because of the dang ducks. 
•sweaty curls are my favorite! 

•trip to the ER with my champ of a husband. 
•sweet pain relief!!
•he loooves any kind of accessories and was so amused my these build a bear glasses. ha!
•my favorite quote. :) 

•we swam and had dinner at our good friends house and sutton and i experienced our first taste of bananas foster. we both said hallelujah! ;)
•when she asks for things at the store i tell her she can put it on her birthday list and i take pictures of it. it satisfies her but i know this is probably the last year that will work. :)
•some awesome friends brought us supper when i got out of the hospital so it inspired me to pay it forward for our neighbors and stock the freezer also!
•we personalized some cookies. :) 

•my view while folding laundry. little monkey climbs on everything!
•she's been the sweetest sidekick at physical therapy. 
•nana took sutton to the park while they waited for me! really thankful for her driving us places! 
•he looooves to push things. :)

•one of my typical views. a sterile doctors room. 
•we had a surprise day date! my favorite because i'm not dead tired and stores are still open! 
•willow looooves this puppy dog. and so does sutton now too!
•my cute date. ;)

•i am starting to look forward to physical therapy. it hurts but i know it's moving us in the right direction. 
•the sweetest girl kept saying "mommy, your kisses are beautiful".
•fun melamine plates from walmart. i use melamine a lot because it hurts my head less than ceramic. (the weight and the noise)
•sleepy head knows when he's ready for bed. he'll say "niiiight night". he climbed on top of the table at the pool to lay on the towels. :) 

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