dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

willow kate. {five.}

five years old, precious girl!
one whole hand.
we counted down the sleeps and
you finally made it. :)

we had a small party for you
while jon + ty were here
and swam and ate pizza and ice cream cake
and even had a dance room
with a disco light and your favorite music.
you planned every part of this party
and even made the decorations with me!
oh, and we may have sucked in a good bit
of helium while blowing up balloons.

on your real birthday,
we did our usual thing of just doing
lots of things that you love.
chickfila, toys r us, playing at the mall,
swimming and then mexican food with poppy.
it was so much fun!

while aunt kristi was here for a few days,
you asked if you could tag along for our annual pedicures
and you LOVED it. uh oh. :)
it was so fun having you there and of course
you had everyone laughing.

you are so social and kind.
you go out of your way to make friends
and make people feel good.
you compliment almost everyone as we
are just passing by (their glasses, shoes, etc)
and make alot of people smile.
you are such a little light.

you are hilarious!
i have a long list of funny things that you say.

you amaze me as a big sis.
your instincts are what really surprise me.
if sutton looks like he might fall down,
or if he has a toy or something that you think
he may choke on,
you drop what you're doing and run to him.
you always speak to him so kindly
and in the highest little voice.
you adore him and he so clearly adores you. :)
when someone asks you what his name is,
you say "sutt sutt". so precious.

we are homeschooling this year
for kindergarten and it's the best thing EVER.
i selfishly want to homeschool you forever
but you miss being around your friends during the day.
the thought of leaving mommy to go to school
is pretty hard for you though. :(

you are asking so many good (and tough) questions
about sin and the devil
and it's such a new season of parenthood.
easier in some ways and way more challenging in others.

we are so very blessed that we got YOU for our little girl
and these five years have been the very best.
you are so loved.

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