dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, September 12, 2015

things and stuff.

up first:

just some things on my fall closet list and maybe you want them on yours too. :)

this floral maxi dress speaks to me.
unfortunately w HATES floral, 
(he says it reminds him of a teacher he had. whatev.) 
so i don't wear much of it but maybe one of you could wear this for me? 

i got this red plaid poncho in the mail yesterday and
i'll probably just go ahead and set up camp and live in it.

and because you'll most likely want a more professional picture,
here's the one i sent my sis when i got it in the mail.
(disregard the socks. i wear them almost always at home when i'm freezing.)

i got this dreamy white dress too and i'll be getting alot of wear out of it fo sure.
it's really cute with the booties (still can't get over that this is a fashion word) below!

look! i already wore it to church AND to lunch
and only managed to get one spot on it!
(if you're unsure about sizing,
i am always a small in tops and dresses
and it's true to size at f21. 
same for shoes. always a 7.)

these lace up booties
i buy a lot of my shoes (especially trendier ones) at f21 and they really do
hold up and are very comfy!

so, i have a bralette like this that's by free people.
it was $20 and i wear it alllll the time. 
it's so comfortable and i love how
delicate it looks. 
(delicate. hahaha.)
i am shocked that this one is wayyyy better and it's so stinkin cheap!!

these cute little crochet trimmed socks are cute with the booties above.

dying over this suede fringe jacket.
i love suede. 
and i love fringe even more.

now for some home things.

willow and i were sick last week and every time i'm sick,
i get into this major cleaning/nesting mode.
the thought of lingering germs is just ugh.

soooo, i went ahead and started decorating for fall.
we really didn't have any fall decor
so we went to walmart and hobby lobby for supplies.

first up was this thankful banner for the mantle.
i drew and cut out the letters
and laid them on pieces of burlap (from a roll).
then i spray painted over them with white.
after i took the letters off,
i went around them with a metallic gold sharpie so they would show up better.
then i used spray adhesive on the ends of white feathers
and sprinkled extra fine glitter on them.
errrrything is better with glitter!
i hot glued it all onto twine and then just clothes pinned it up to the window.
the pumpkins are from walmart.

next, was the wreath for the front door.
i got this plain wreath at walmart for under $5.
then glued on the artificial mums (i just pulled the tops off of the stems).
i cut the little triangles from a roll of burlap
and hot glued them onto the twine.
i got these little wooden letters in a bag
and used spray adhesive before sprinkling them with
extra fine glitter.
them just hot glued those onto the burlap.
super inexpensive, yo.

i got this lighted pumpkin at hobby lobby for 40% off
and it looks so cozy at night!
the white ceramic one is from there also.
the pumpkin pillow is from a couple of years ago and
the picture on the front is interchangeable
so at christmas time, it'll be a christmas tree.
i moved the "our nest" pillow from inside
and the other pillow is something i'm super proud of it.
(it doesn't take a lot to make me proud though.)

i have a few pillows in the closet that
we aren't using but i didn't want to toss.
one of them just came free with something else we
purchased and it was ugly.
so i ordered a couple of covers on amazon for $3.90
and now we have 2 brand new pillows!
the one behind the pumpkin pillow and then the deer head
that i'll probably put out around christmas!

okay, now for some really random tips i've come across
that i thought i'd pass along.

one is for a trash can.
random, right?
my friend su has a super cool trash can in her kitchen
and i've been looking for one that's the right size.
there was one at home goods that was perfect but it
and then walmart had the right style but it was way too big.
i found one on amazon that was what we were looking for for $28
which wasn't bad but then i read the reviews and someone
recommended ordering it from a place called
Blain's Farm and Fleet.
It was $14!!!
it came in just a few days and it's perfect!

we love art in this house.
we have alot of supplies on hand
(when i see something on major sale, i grab it and just put it in
our craft closet so we'll always be prepared when the mood strikes.)
we love these washable paints from crayola.

another thing we love is making things together in the kitchen
something willow loves to make
since she can do it completely by herself
is instant pudding.
(sugar free/fat free chocolate is our fave!)
we buy these little mini crusts

because they're so stinkin yummy and they are just so fun to eat.
it doesn't take much, people.
well, after we're done, i wash them out
and thats what we use to put our separate colors of paint in!
then i just lay a hand towel on a cookie sheet with edges
and put the tins on it.
empty yogurt cups are great for rinse water for the brushes, too!
(she's painting the box that the trash can came in!)

okie doke,
i think that's enough info for one day.
your brain probably hurts after hearing so much deep knowledge. ;)
if y'all have any tricks or ideas you've discovered,
please pass them my way!
always looking to make life more simple and fun!

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