dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, September 19, 2015


1) he went up and down these two steps over and over.
2) took a break from playing with some other kids on the tire swing.
3) weeeeee. as soon as he starts sliding, he turns over on his tummy. :)
4) baby swing because sutton was. of course. ;)
5) love zooming in on this pic of my precious boy. i gave him another haircut today. it sho ain't easy but he still has both ears so...
6) sitting on the rocks IN the pond where the water normally is. it is so dried up! and ps, it's mating time for the ducks. ha! "momma look! the ducky is riding the other ducky's back!!"
7) cute and sweaty crew. willow had been pretending she was hiking on the other side of the hill. she also beat me in a race and said it's because she ate a banana and drank milk the other day.
8) he found a big stick to drag! that was tough work!
9) loooove when sutton runs to me!! his little face and legs and cheeks!!

1) this is our afternoon pretty much every single day. not sure how we'll survive when the cold weather comes! maybe it'll get supa cold and we can ice skate in the bay. ;) i'll even give lessons. ha! willow really is such a huge helper and loves to push all by herself.
2) willows legs got tired so sutt took a turn. lots of stops along the way to look at bugs...and sticks...and to wave at every car that goes by. i love it.
3) willow calls this "our friendly bench" and we stop at it every time.
4) the water is getting really chilly so we spend a lot of the time on the deck watching for alligators. we saw one on this day and it was so cool to watch it actually moving!
5) she found "an alligator tooth"! she threw it into the water because "it's probably looking for it".
6) little miracle boy. 
7) we love peaches! and snack time is oh so important when swimming! ;)
8) we like to thaw out by running around the tennis court.
9) we were playing follow the leader and i was leading and started doing lunges. i looked back and he was doing them and it was HILARIOUS. by the time i ran to get my phone, he had moved on to downward dog.

1) the art museum downtown has a cute story time once a month and this was our second time going. nana drove us this time! my cute little ones and their backpacks. we found them at walmart for $5 and they both love wearing theirs. and i love loading them down with diapers and snacks. ;)
2) willow and finley had gone WAY too long without seeing each other.
3) listening intently to the story. ;)
4) after the story, we move to the art room and get to do something based on what the book was about. this time was watercolors and dots.
5) painting a big dot that "momma RUINED AND IT WAS MY MASTERPIECE" because it crumpled as it dried and that's obvi my fault. she later apologized. 
because she knows what's best for her. ;)
6) another day, another peach. we played in the water afterwards.
7) putting their feet in the fountain was a big deal. :)
8) swinging and snacking. i love these walls!
9) nana to everyone. :)

this watermelon has been willow and daddy's special project.
they planted the seeds and we were all sooo excited to see an itty bitty watermelon growing!!
she said she learned how to be very patient.
this will go down in history as the worlds most expensive watermelon
because we had approximately zero rain this summer
so we had to water this thing every day. a lot.
when they cut it open, it looked so gross inside like a pumpkin but
the kids ate it up and loved it!
there's another one on the vine that i'm assuming won't really make it this season
but we plan on doing more next year!
it was fun to watch it grow. :)

that's our life lately! pretty stinkin awesome. :)

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