dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, September 21, 2015

my new sister.

when i woke up yesterday morning, 
i had no idea what a 
huge day it would be! 

for her whole life, 
we've been talking with willow
about Jesus. 
the love He has for us 
and the suffering He endured for us
so that we could be with Him 
in heaven one day. 

for about the past year or so, 
she's been saying that
she wants to ask Jesus into her heart
and as her momma,
i've prayed that we would know
when it was the right time and when 
her heart really understood. 
for the past several months, 
she's been asking very good 
and smart and tough questions 
about sin and the devil. 
i've watched her little heart break 
when she realized that her bad choices hurt God but that He loves 
her so much anyway. 
literally held her while she sobbed and told me she doesn't want the devil to think he's invited into our home because she made a bad choice.

that's a pretty clear picture 
for a little five year old to paint! 
because isn't that exactly how it is? 
we sin, satan welcomes himself in?

we've talked so much about forgiveness
and grace and mercy 
and heaven and unconditional 
everlasting love. 
some days it seemed like 
every 15 minutes, 
she was asking a 
whole new set of questions. 
it was wonderful!
and it was a lot. 

yesterday was different, 
and as she was talking, 
i just felt it was bigger. 
i got butterflies because it's 
the moment i've prayed for for as 
long as I've known about her. 
because it's not guaranteed 
that your child is going to 
want to follow in your footsteps
and give their lives to Jesus. 

i told her that when she felt like 
she could tell a stranger 
how they could be forgiven for 
their bad choices and 
go to heaven when they die,
she would be ready. 
we were on a walk around the neighborhood and looking for 
william and sutton so we could meet up
and run around and play 
and in her little stroller,
she said "mommy, i'm just sure
i'm ready!". 
so i had her tell me
what she would say if that man
over there asked her how
he could go to heaven 
and she explained it to me 
in the sweetest, most precious 
and real way and i knew. 
at the same time, we saw the boys
and willow ran and yelled
"daddy!! i'm ready to ask 
Jesus into my heart!!". 
so we knelt down right there on the
walking trail by the bay,
and my little girl said the most beautiful words to her SAVIOR!!! 
it was amazing and surreal. 
right after, she said 
"now i'm ready to be SANITIZED!!!". 
(aka baptized!)

she's loving the idea of now being 
my sister and daddy is her brother!
she's named everyone she can think
of and asked if they were her 
sister/brother too! 
(when nana asked her who told her about Jesus, she casually pointed at me with her thumb and said, "my sis". haha!) 

she's told so many people already! 
friends and strangers. 
most people have celebrated with her
but sadly some have brushed her off 
and that hurts. 
but this is her mission field now
and she is such a light.
she's on a mission to bring 
as many people to heaven 
with her that she can. 
that's what she says her plan is anyway  and i'm marching right along side of her
in the Lords army!  :)

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