dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, November 9, 2015

day in the life.

these are quite possibly the most
boring posts for anyone to read 
but they're my very favorite posts
to look back on and remember. :)

so here is a day in our life 
this past friday. 

willow got to sleep with me 
since w was working late in the garage. 
and she really wanted to sleep with
our kitty cat and the kitty loves to 
sleep with me. 
did i mention we got a kitten?!
we totally did and it's been the
best thing ever. 
willow named her sarah. 
everything has been named sarah
since she could talk. ;)
this little stinker (sarah) woke us up
wayyy too early. 
like in the 5 o'clock hour. 

we stayed snuggled in bed
until sutton woke up 
closer to 7. 
they both ate bars for breakfast. 

and i had a glorious spark. 

moved back into suttons 
big cozy chair, turned on some music (almost always bethel music) and watched
this little monkey climb and pick out
the toys he wanted. 
(the shelves are "organized" by age so 
the baby toys are on the bottom self.)

daddy came in to do his rumble roller
(he practices what he preaches at work!) and we read our little family devotions. 
we love the Jesus Calling for kids
and then the regular Jesus Calling. 

i shower at night but 
almost always do an epsom salt
soak for my neck. 
we've been loving these dr. teal's

dried my hair and did
my face painting quick. ;)

and then gave sutt a haircut
while i had w to help hold his arms down. 

helped willow get dressed
and then she brushed (& brushed)
her teeth. 

she's very serious about teeth brushing 
and has to make sure they "sparkle". 

i started drinking this tea a while ago,
and i LOVE it. 
it's sort of a hassle but it's worth it. :)

i usually just brew it and then
grab it at some point in the day
and drink it. 

i do a clean sweep of the house
and put any toys away that have 
made their way out,
make sure the kitchen is scrubbed
and clean/dishes done,
make our bed, 
straighten pillows on the couch 
and light candles. 
i can't really move forward with
school or anything else 
unless everything is in order. 
we make lots of messes and
have tons of fun in our
home but it's quickly put back in order
when we are done, 
and everything has a place. :) 

w took them out to play in the rain. 

and i got a little happy box ready to
mail to a very generous friend. ;)

we don't do any worksheet
type school on fridays 
since that's our homeschool
group day. 
also, she flies through her work,
so i've been combining days during the week so she's challenged a bit more. 
here are some sheets she's finished 
this week. 
reading, word recognition,
handwriting and math. 

sutt came in and played in the
empty box while i
sorted and put the papers away. 

then we headed to our little group. 
last time, we did a nature walk
and this time was at one of the 
families homes so we did circle time
(music) and then put soil inside 
pumpkins so we could grow
them at home! 

she's made some sweet friends. :)

sutton was nervous at first because 
he thought i was leaving but then 
she found a baby doll stroller to push
and he was good. 

teamwork. :)

his nap is usually in the morning while we do school (usually 10-11:30ish) 
so he was tired!
he had a solid car nap so he was
refreshed and ready to go. 

we always hit up target
for holiday clearance 
and i got several costumes 
at 70% off that i put
away for Christmas gifts. 
somehow i snuck them without 
willow even noticing!
I also grabbed some rope lights
at 70% off to save for 
suttons big boy bed. 
gonna me super cool. :)

willow has been playing with her 
"levee and meadow" babies a lot. 
i got these for her after we had them 
because she was so sad that
she didn't get to hold them. 
in hind site i wish she had held levee. 
she wouldn't remember but we could
at least show her a picture of it. 
but that okay, we have eternity. :)
this is also the age with sutton
that i'm always sweating by the time
we leave the store. 
he hates riding in the cart now
since he knows how much cool stuff 
there is to run too. 
i carry him and talk really soft to him
and he'll usually be content with that
and start "whispering" back. 
but man it's exhausting!

came home and played for about
an hour and NEEDED 
another spark after that early
wake up call!

then we headed to my parents church
to say goodbye to my dad
and the team he's leading to 
colombia for a mission trip. 
i've been able to go twice,
but he goes every year and just
loves those people. 

found a ladybug. 

and then drew a picture of herself
for poppy to bring with him. 

and of course found a puddle. :)

actually made it to the post office
to mail our package! 
willow is fascinated by putting the 
boxes in and then watching them 

he liked running and hearing his echo. 

delivered some milkshakes
to some sick friends. :( 

wasn't gonna post this but it's real life. 
got pretty sick when we got home. 
when i hold my head up for too long,
my body kinda screams at me to stop 
by getting physically sick. blah. 
so sarah and i laid down by the tub
while they took a bath. 
i try to just do mind over matter
to get through the rest of the day
after that. 
it'd be real easy to give up but
i won't. :)

got sutton out and 
unloaded the dishwasher.
he hands the things to me so i
don't have to bend down and
it's a huge help!
willow likes to stay in the tub 
longer and play. 

best sight besides an empty dryer
is an empty washing machine. ;)
started a load. 

i think it's time to empty the little
trash can. yikes!
for some reason i am so bad
at doing these simple little tasks
that will take 30 seconds but 
i'll spend an hour scrubbing
baseboards. ugh. 

these two things will make 
you have the best smelling laundry ever. 
i used to make our detergent
but man i love good smelling clothes. 

changed into cozy clothes.
i usually try to stay in regular clothes
until w gets home, but fridays are
his really late nights at work
so i give myself a pass. ;)

sutton is ready for bed at 4:30
and it makes it really tricky to get 
everything done and supper made, etc
in time. 
i've tried everything to move it back
but since he just will not take an afternoon nap, 4:30 it is. 
he sleeps until about 7am so it
definitely works for him and that's 
what matters. :)
willow did the same thing so i know it's 
just temporary. 
anyway, he was so sleepy
and supper was still baking so 
we did a little sock puppet show
to keep him entertained. ha! 

ready! luckily i had pulled this out 
of the freezer the day before. 
it's called confetti spaghetti 
and everyone loves it.
i use whole wheat angel hair pasta
and ground turkey instead of beef. 
it's a tiny bit spicy and just so so good. 

he ate it up. :)
i love how he always pushes the food
in with the back of his hand. 

night night sutton. :)
he had been saying "nighhhhhht night"
for about 30 min so he
was happy it was time. 
precious boy. 
i lay him down, put a blanket
on the side of his face and 
turn on a little lantern toy that
plays soft music. 

then willow finally got out and put her
jammies on and ate. 
she had applesauce too. 
she had lots of broccoli (her fave!)
and sweet potatoes 
at lunch so we skipped veggies. 

she chilled out for a bit
while i cleaned up the kitchen 
and switched the clothes to the dryer. 

then we had some "just girl time"
with a "swack and swuggle". 
she's asked for that every night
since she was tiny. 
i got it stamped into a leather cuff recently because it just makes me smile.
i hope she always says it that way. :)

when the laundry was dry,
i folded it in here so we could
still hang out. 
she really likes for me to watch 
the shows WITH her. 

it was raining hard and steady
and since we have two skylights 
in the living room, 
it sounded awesome!!

at around 7, she heads to bed
and we visit and pray
and she usually asks a million
questions. ;)

we watched one of these bible stories together and since this one had
satan in it, she had lotssss
of questions. 
she also said 
"when i get to heaven
and meet Adam and Eve, 
i'll be a little bit shy. 
but when I meet that boy 
that killed goliza (lol!), 
we'll have so much fun playing together and i'll tell him potato pants 
and banana pants and 
he'll laugh so hard and then he'll faint". 

after she's in bed,
i do a last clean sweep and
dim the lights so it's super cozy
when w gets home. :) 
he got home around 9 and ate
and then shared his ice cream
with sarah. ;) 

then we watched a billion episodes 
of the mindy project. 
that show is HILARIOUS.
we just started season two. 

the end. ;)

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