dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, November 6, 2015

just the cutest clothes ever, that's all.

alright, so i think i figured out
how to do this shop style thing.
if you click on the picture, 
it'll take you straight to the gap website.
if you happen to purchase one of them,
i should get a little commision!?
since i post lots of clothes pics anyway,
i thought i'd try this and see how it works!
thanks in advance for the billions i'm about to make. ;)

orrrr, be really smart and sign up for an ebates account
and get cash back yo-self.
i've earned over $100 this year just on buysing stuff i normally do.
diapers, laundry detergent, etc.
here's my referral link.
(i'll probably win a trip to hawaii if you sign up through me. sike.)


page one:
alot of the things willow has are
from the boys section because
a) she likes them and b) we can pass them down to sutton.
the christmas light jammies!? PU-LEASE.
those sneaks would be so cool on both of them.
the wind breaker and plaid button up too.
willow hates jeans (or anything with lines she can feel)
but these skinny's are awesome.
pom pom slippers? mmhmm.
sutton is all about mittens and these are so cozy and warm.
nothing describes my kids much better than "happy". :)
and the bow tie!? so handsome in christmas pics!

page two:
more christmas jammies!
willow got these shoes and i love them because you know camo is a neutral. 
also, sutton will love these too when he grows into them.
this little top goes with all of our patterned leggings.
this chambray does too! or with a sparkly, poofy skirt. :)
sweats are my fave. these with those sneakers from page one!?
ditto for the camo ones. and the happy hat!!
i mean, come on. glitter is my favorite color and how beautiful would
this look in christmas card pictures!?
fleece lined jeans are just an act of kindness in the winter. so cozy .
suttons pushing the age where onesies are acceptable 
but i'm thinking this in christmas card pics would be so cute.

page three:
we homeschool, so denim is just a requirement. ;)
willow loves overalls and i like this style.
some good neutral boots.
another item that will be passed down.
i love the metallic of these. i'll be watching for these to go on sale!
this hat!!! the coolest.
bunny ear  shoes. okay. yeah.
these may be our matching christmas jammies this year.
(the kids open jammies and we make hot cocoa and popcorn and go look at lights.)
these floral jammies are just perty.
willow calls these her hunting boots. :)
and they'll also go to sutton. ours don't have pink laces. ;)

alright, so happy shopping!
p.s. why is shopping for kids way more fun!?

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