dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

trick or treat.

this was such a FUN year for halloween!

the rain kind of messed up the actually trick or treating
because our neighborhood didn't commit to switching night, 
so we only had a handful of houses with their lights on.
then on actual halloween, 
we were excited
to hand out candy and only had three little groups. :(

BUT, we had so many festivities to enjoy.

first up, the fall festival at my parents church.
our fun friends/neighbors joined us.
the big girls were does (supa original ;))

willow and sutton had to change last minute 
because it was hot but they were super cute.
willow was a "ballerina gymnast" 
complete with GLITTER hair!

and sutton was the cutest little pirate.

he really got into playing the games...and getting candy!

ice pop culture was there
and we got sweet potato and strawberry balsamic.
so stinkin good.

cutest little horse that willow found super comfy!

on friday, we trick or treated
and the girls were does again and the daddy's were hunters.

sutton was a lion and was SO CUTE.
he loved his costume and never tried to take
the little hood off.
once he got the hang of what we were doing,
we ran and squealed to the next house.

we had a big group and he'd push his little way to the front
to pick out his treats. :)

"do you like bubble guppies?" willow asks
the creepiest man ever. 

she loved this little runner rug and said it's like a wedding.
complete with her sword.
(she really wanted to be a mummy but her costume of strips of white sheets kept unraveling so she quickly decided to be a pirate princess!?)

i used to love getting home and sorting our candy
with my brother and sister. :)

sutton and i headed home before the rest 
so he could get to bed and i thought
his little stash was so precious.

THEN. on saturday, our neighborhood had a festival.
it was POURING rain so it was all inside the clubhouse.
shoulder to shoulder people which is kind of my nightmare.
(if someone were to run into me or bump me hard,
it could paralyze or kill me. soooo ya know. slightly nerve wracking)

about 30 minutes before, she asked if she could
be a pink gumball machine and i think it turned out so cute!
her little sign is just cardboard spray painted silver 
and i sprinkled glitter on it while still wet.
and then i used more cardboard and a brad to make a TURNING dispenser.
and then another piece of cardboard to make the little part
that lifts up to get your gumball.

she was all about that cotton candy during the cake walk.
we made ghost sugar cookies and chocolate chip
double "boo"zies with bone sprinkles
and she won a cupcake. 

sno biz was there too!

i threw a rosie the riveter costume together.
i love dressing up and i really love rosie.
she reminds me of ma olsen when she lead the other wives in doing the 
hard labor while the husbands were gone. ;)

and then we did this the rest of the day. pretty perfect. :)

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