dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

willow kate 8 months

willow, please stop getting bigger.
it makes mommy sad!!

you are such a joy to us.
we went on our first real date
with a real babysitter last night
and we talked about you sooo much!!

you have gotten longer this past week.
your 6 month dresses are getting shorter!!

you crawl all over the place
and you're very fast!

you sit up like a champ
and just this morning,
 you were standing up in your crib.
(you were supposed to be napping!)

you are an awesome eater!
there's nothing you don't like now.
now that you eat solids,
you don't drink alot from your bottles.

you can hold your sippycup
of "juice".
water with a couple
strawberries or raspberries
or an orange squeezed into it.

you wear 6-9 months.
size 2 diapers.

you love your baths
now that you're in the big girl tub.
you play on your belly with
your bath toys
for a long time.

you go to bed between 6-8
(the time change messed you up)
and wake up between 7-8.
you've been waking up
in the night too
but it's just you growing.

you're very social
and light up when you see someone
that you recognize.

you love being outside
and swinging.

you just had some yucky
runny nose/cough stuff
but you're all better now.

we can't believe how fast
this 8 months has gone by.

we are trying to cherish
every single moment with you.
i love bringing you to the market
and other stores
because watching you take it all in
is so fascinating to me.

you are so special
and so loved.

happy 8 month birthday, little one.

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  1. What a cute baby!

    I found your blog through Run Tara Run.

    I'm gonna try out that recipe with the chickpeas. Sounds delish!


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