dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, November 22, 2014


we've been honored to host many 
of our out of town friends lately. 
it's so special to have people
in our home and it's especially
special to me to have friends
that have knows william for years,
see his home and see and feel 
how he lives. :)
i snapped a few pictures to 
look back at this time 
of having two little
ones at these stages. 

our kitchen is obviously where we spend so much time. 
cooking and baking
and the eat in area is used as our
"art area". 
we keep brown paper rolled over the 
table and a bunch of crayons 
on the table to encourage lots 
of creativity. 
there's also a drawer 
designated for art supplies 
so willow can get it out as she wants it. (stickers, coloring books, safety scissors, etc.)

the dining room table is used more
for keeping cupcake orders
but i love when it's cleared off
and has fresh flowers on it! 
when w and i were dating,
i made him promise to never buy me 
flowers but to bring me lots of
wildflowers. :) 
our living room gets used a lot also
and w and have lots of couch dates 
after the kiddos are in bed. 
there's almost always an anthro 
candle burning. 
and the laundry room has an entire wall of floor to ceiling cabinets. 
one side is the pantry and 
the other side is for craft supplies. 

the kids bathroom is simple. 
the little duck holds a bar of soap
and was in my grandmas bathroom. :)
willows room. 
she has no idea 
how cool her bed is. 
and suttons room is currently made
into a giant tent. ha! 
daddy's been working so hard for us
so momma has to get creative. 

there truly is no place like home. :)

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