dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

sutton smith eight months

whew! what a month, little boy!
i'm writing this a little late,
so i'll try to stay within your 
eight months. :)

you've had some big milestones!
crawling on all fours,
pulling up (!) and mimicking 
momma, dada & byebye with a wave. 

you have the BIGGEST smile! 
two teeth and hopefully this new
teething necklace will help with the rest
because those two were tough.

you wear 12-18 month clothes 
because you are pretty long
and size 3 diaper. 

you LOVE baths and 
when you hear water running
you can't get there fast enough. 
you love the big tub 
and think it's so fun to splash. 

you're sleeping good but still waking
up usually once in the night to eat. 
but i know teething makes you 
a little bit restless. :(

you usually wake up around 6,
nap at about 9 and 1 for 
about an hour or so each time 
and then go to bed at 6. 
your "fussy time" when you like to be
held is from 4-6. :)

you had baby dedication and it
was so so special. 
i used to silently SOB 
and hold on tight to your daddy's hand
when we would see other babies being 
dedicated wondering if we would ever have another one. 
and now you're HERE!!

we are so so thankful for you,
and truly cannot imagine life without you.

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