dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

sutton smith nine months.

you're such a big boy now!!!

it's hard to even remember but your first week as a 9 month old was ROUGH. 
like, how did we survive rough. 
willow had a cough and then 
you got rsv/double ear infection 
and were teething. 
you. were. miserable. 
cried 24 hours a day and couldn't sleep. 
finally got you on the mend after 
two shots, breathing treatments
and ear drops. phew. 

then momma got bronchitis and the flu,
had a nice little hospital stay with 
a bad kidney infection and THEN
daddy got the flu. sheesh. 

but somehow this has been 
my favorite month yet. 
or at least couple of weeks. ;)
you're not an infant at all
such a big boy and a FUNNY
we laugh so much. 
you mimic our sounds. 
you still stick with 
"byebye" and "momma"
but you've tried to say other words. 

you weigh about 18 pounds. 
28 inches. 

you have SIX teeth!! what??
i overnighted an amber teething necklace 
and that thing has been incredible. 
you're most recent two teeth came through and we had no idea you were teething! 

you're sleeping like a champ. 
you go to bed so early (5:15)
which is kinda inconvenient but 
there's no way you'll stay up later. 
we dream feed around 9 and then you sleep til 6:30 or 7:30. 
sometimes waking at 4:30 for a bottle. 
oh my goodness, what a difference 
sleep makes for all of us!! 
you nap around 9 and then again around 1:30/2. 

you're wanting regular food over baby food which is great.
baby food is expensive!! 
and with all those teeth 
you do so good with it! :)

you're crawling so good and fast!
climbing! ahh!
you love swinging at the park. 
you LOVE your sister!
and you haaaaate when someone walks away from you! 
you love to be held and get SO snuggley when you meet someone new. :)
you're doing so much better in the 
nursery the last two weeks. yay!!

we love you sooo much little boy!!

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