dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, February 23, 2015

sutton smith ten months.

precious sutton.
my little magnet. :)

you are SO content....on mommas hip.
seriously, you won't make a peep if you're being held and
can check everything out.
but put you down and you fuss and fuss.
but teething is for sure playing a part in that. 
you're working on two more bottom teeth. :)

you're very cautious.
it's so precious how you crawl even if you could take 
just one little step holding on to something.
i don't think you'll be an early walker. ;)

we've switched you to goats milk
and although the spit up smells TERRIBLE,
 there is a lot less of it
and you seems to be digesting it
so much better than formula.
and you'll drink it cold which is much easier!

you're sleeping better at night too.
you go down between 5-6 and usually sleep until 5-6.
i try to get up before you and get all ready
for the day because once you're up,
you're attached to one of us. :)

you moved up into the crawler room
at church and you're doing so much better.
you still cry when we leave but when we peek
back in at you, you're playing. 
i've started bringing you to the gym also
and it's the same way!

you hate "baby food" and won't really eat unless you can feed yourself. 
and you leap out of your highchair 
so mealtimes aren't the highlight 
of mommas day. ha! 
you do love those squeezy pouches though! 
i just figured out a way to buy
a few minutes to do something with both hands. 
give you a lollipop! 
haha, not the best thing but it's so cute
to watch you enjoy it! 

you love baths and sometimes take two a day just to play. 

you wave and it's the cutest thing. 
you flick your little wrist and smile so big and say "byebye". 

you loooove going to nanas house. 
nana & poppy and 
leyna are the only 
people we can leave you with without any tears. :)

we love you SO MUCH sutton. 
you make life so full. 

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