dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

sutton smith eleven months.

hallelujah for the time change!!
this has been the best week yet
and it perfectly fell on spring break. 

you've been sleeping in until 8:30,
napping until noon and then
you're ready to go do something fun!
throw in another nap at about 3
and we actually get to leave the house
again! you're FINALLY 
consistently sleeping all night and i feel like we are totally 
getting our groove back. :)

we had a fun little staycation 
at a hotel here and you loved swimming
so i'm super excited about this summer and our living at the pool! 

you're so so super snuggley and really able to communicate what you want and need. 
if i say "night night" you'll lay your head on my chest 
(even if it's not even close to sleepy time). 
you blow kisses by smacking your forehead and saying "mwah". ;)
you say bye bye and momma. 
you know who everyone is when we say their name. 
you are always pointing at something. 
when we walk into a room 
your little arms shoots up
because you want to touch the light/fan/whatever. 
when you see you can't reach it, 
you'll climb up whoever is holding you. it's so funny!!! 
you say "more" about everything. 
you just point at something and say "mah". 
you love a sippy cup 

I'm super excited about this 
because i can hand it back to you 
in the car or just lay you on the floor 
and you can drink while I'm doing something with BOTH hands!! ;) 
but I do still rock you and feed you at night and will continue until you're 20. 
just kidding, that's creepy. 
and please don't sneak in when I'm old and rock me either like that book. ha!

you LOVE Willow and 
yall play so good together! 
you're very clingy though and 
would be content being held 100%
of the time. 
you like to crawl and check things out
but pretty quickly, 
you'll crawl back to be held. :)

i know you could walk if you wanted to. 
your legs are definitely strong enough
but you don't seem to have any interest. 

i got you a pair of shoes so you could crawl around more comfortably outside
and you could not STAND IT when
i was putting them on you!
you laughed SO SO HARD. 
your feet are crazy ticklish. :)

you are amazing, sutton.
i cannot believe we have you. 
you truly are just perfect. 
we love you so much. 

(mini momma)

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