dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

sutton smith seven months.

hey big seven month old boy. :)

it's so strange how fast 
time is going with you. 
not even so much time 
but milestones. 
are you really already crawling
and getting teeth?? 
you get from here to there quickly
when you spot something you want.
not an army crawl like sister did
but all fours/tummy/all fours/tummy. 
it's so cute!!
and that determined look on your face
with your mouth opened.

you have TWO bottom teeth. 
one on the 12th and one yesterday. 
i was rubbing oragel on your gums
and that spot was SO swollen,
like a marble under your gums. 
scared me!
called the doctor and the sweet nurse
said it was normal and we could
give you more medicine. 
but within the hour your little
tooth had pushed through. 
still so painful though 
that it's hurting
to drink a bottle. 
you're tearing up some big boy food!
both the pouches and real food 
torn up into itty bitty pieces. 
you ate a ton of yogurt 
and about 1/4th of a belgium waffle 
on daddy's birthday!!

you had your checkup last month
and are so healthy. (insert thankful sobs)
about 15 pounds. 
a little more but i can't remember exactly
and i'm not the best saver of those
growth charts. 
i'm pretty sure you won't care much
about how much you weighed at 
six months. ha!
you're long! 
you can't fully stretch out your legs
in 6-9 month jammies and the
sleeves come to your elbows. ha!! 

you're a GREAT snuggler. 
and you can sense when the
person holding you likes to 
snuggle too. 
you just tuck right in. :)
on sunday when i picked you up 
in the nursery you were being held. 
she said you'd done great 
but she was holding you because
you're just so...snuggley. :)
you're really good just playing
with your little toys in your room. 
right now i'm in your big chair and 
you and sister are by my feet playing.
it's really precious. 
you LOVE that sister but 
don't love when she puts her arms around your neck to hug you. 
makes you M-A-D!! ;)
when you drool or spit up,
she puts her hand under your mouth
to catch it. 
what in the world?? 
the sweetest!!! 

your daddy is SO good with you.
so confident and sweet. 
doesn't ask me things like
"what do you think he wants" etc,
he just takes care of it. 
it's really neat to watch. 
and he doesn't get a lot of time with you
so it's really sweet to see him take 
advantage of the time he does. :)

you are so loved and adored little boy. 

(on this day, i stood over your crib and cried. just can't believe you're really HERE!)
(hi mommy!)
(first time riding like a big boy!)
(halloween. you and daddy were hunters and momma was a doe. y'all got me!)
(the cutest trick or treaters)

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